Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Sorry, I haven't been able to post here lately. A lot has been happening. Mind boggling....to say the least. I shall return in a few days but, I felt this was too important to let go by.....It is with my saddened heart that I pass on this information....please take a moment to pray for the people left behind..that they remain strong and try to get comfort from the good times they shared.

Please participate in this vigil request in honor of Karl Marks, the GF of {BRITS} who passed away this morning. I want you to realize that while some of you consider this "just a game", some of us who choose to run these groups spend a lot of energy working endlessly each day trying to make this game enjoyable for all of you. Karl was one of these people and deserves the respect all of us can offer. Thank you.— {BiA} Don Rodolfo {HS}, Today 11:05 PM

Thank-you Desiree for bringing this to our attention!!

Saturday, 2 January 2010

♥´¯) ¸.☆´¯). ♥ Happy New Year ♥ .☆´ (¸.♥(¸☆(¸☆´ (¸.♥´☆.& Best Wishes.☆´ (¸.♥¸.´¯`•.♥´¯) ¸☆´¯)´¯`•.¸¸.☆ For 2010 ♥ ´........♥* ((¯`•.•´¯)…♥ '... *`•.¸(¯`•.•´¯)¸.•´*……*♥`•.¸.•´ To All of My Friends & Family! Hope the New Year brings much Happiness to your lives!

I figured the best way to enter the New Year was to have a laugh at the past year...
And everyone wanted bloopers!

These are after a cease fire message was sent out :

Manish ShinodaPark December 29 at 2:00pm Report
hey how you stp the war,i mean you ask for gifts or what ?

David A. Marchand December 29 at 2:07pm
LMFAO, no we stop hitting them............. but if they want to send us gifts, then hell ya !!!!!!!!!


Manish ShinodaPark December 29 at 2:11pm Report
no brother,its i mean why we stop hitiing them ? and how we start hitiing them ? i mean how the war ends and starts ? whats the reasons ?

David A. Marchand December 29 at 11:32am
they starting attacking us last Tuesday, so we re conned, got links and taught them a lesson for starting it with us ................

Something said while trying to tone down the sound coming from his microphone...David sounds better when talking from the back of his head.

Commenting on an Officers enthusiasm(possibly Gerry)...He wanted to fight so much he brought out his mini*me and mini's sister.

Maybe you have been trying to fight so long without targets that your computer slowed down to keep in time with them. (no clue)

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Jo Blue wrote5 hours ago
Put comical/ humorous/ funny COMMENTS and POSTs here . . Those that are worth keeping, JUST FOR LAUGHS!!! ;)

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Baudi Pie wrote5 hours ago
First blooper (found on the Illyrian Wall)

Rohit Bhal attacked
Master Hitman
? Mira Lyn
Level 241 Mogul

Rohit Bhalok....ok

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Jo Blue wrote5 hours ago
from the Illyrian's side:

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Joel Ubaña (Philippines) wrote on November 30, 2009 at 3:00am
still alive and kicking...me of course... lol

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Jo Blue wrote5 hours ago
A post from Illyrian

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Margarida Saraiva-Martins wrote18 hours ago
I hit him like 60 times and he's still alive. I'm running out of stamina. I wonder what health does he have?

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Jo Blue wrote5 hours ago
From Illyrian:

Joel Ubaña (Philippines) wrote18 hours ago
cant do that im too weak for them...

Matyoryj Brigadir
{MM}¦OFFICER¦ß Tenacity { <--- alive again
Level 387 Fearless

i wonder where he gets all his stamina lols
hes alive again and fighting

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Baudi Pie wrote5 hours ago
Its sweet and funny

Matthew Fogg 01 December

Right that's the last time I pay you a compliment lol...You go and ice me (jk) :)

Matthew Fogg 01 December
:) After this is all over and done with, I'd be honoured to have you in my mafia

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Jo Blue wrote5 hours ago
From the Illyrians:
Post #24
Maggi Norris wrote10 hours ago
This one won't let me catch my breath. I've killed him almost as many times as he';s killed me even tho I lose every fight.

Brigadir "E¦OFFICER¦mhanan", level 245 Fearless
See post above.

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Jo Blue wrote5 hours ago

Post #31
Maggi Norris wrote10 hours ago
I have a question... can someone help?

How can you get hit and lose more health than you have?
I don't have 763 health.

Street Thug "¦OFFICER¦ß {EMF} Alecto", level 206 Mogul
8 minutes ago:You were attacked by ¦OFFICER¦... 38 times.
You lost the fights, taking 763 damage and losing $629.

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Leomar Jose M Doctolero wrote5 hours ago

26 minutes ago · Report

Rohit Bhal ok....

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Jo Blue wrote5 hours ago
Richi Pregenzer attacked them a hundred times.... EEm for life !!!!
47 minutes ago · Comment · Like · Report

Matthew FoggDelusional :rollseyes:
45 minutes ago · Report

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Bebot Quiambao (Philippines) wrote3 hours ago
Joel Ubaña ok i'll do the honor
3 minutes ago:You were attacked by ¦OFFICER¦©chiara[SC]. You lost the fight, taking 28 damage and losing $100,000.
killed me ^_^

Yes, now we can boldly go forth into 2010 with a better perspective

♥´¯) ¸.☆´¯). ♥ ♥ .☆´ (¸.♥(¸☆(¸☆´ (¸.♥´☆..☆´ (¸.♥¸.´¯`•.♥´¯) ¸☆´¯)´¯`•.¸¸.☆ ♥ ´........♥* ((¯`•.•´¯)…♥ '... *`•.¸(¯`•.•´¯)¸.•´*……*♥`•.¸.•´ *……*♥`•.¸.•´`•.¸(¯`•.•´¯)¸.•´*……*♥`•.¸.•´ *

Making her way through the common room, Sahvi noticed it was quite busy. I'll sit amongst a crowded table and hear the gossip. Here ya go Miss...enjoy. My Thanks, by the way, what is your name? I don't want to keep saying kitchen lass...both chuckled. My name is Rachel, Miss. Rachel, I am Sahvi. Much better, Sahvi smiled. Yes, Miss Sahvi, a good day to ya. Remembering this was the eve of the New Year, Sahvi figured she should buy a new outfit for the occasion and spent the rest of the day primping and preening. The night was grand, minstrels, fireworks, drink and food aplenty. Everyone participated in the New Years games of skill until they could no longer see straight. Laughing, Sahvi found a place to sit and watch the fun for a while. She did notice her hand was never long empty. Her head began to swim, oh brother, I'd better grab a bite to eat and head to bed before I pass out right here with some of the others.
Now, all is quiet in the Empire. Sahvi is sleeping off a hang*over. Old Man Kuff is slowly making his way to meet with Sahvi. Better late than never, he thinks. My leg has not quite healed and I have to take a nights rest between my daily travels. I'll stop for the night and hopefully will make it to the Empire proper by midday tomorrow. Good*night all.

I apologize if some of the bloopers do not make sense...I didn't want to change anything that was given to me. I don't understand a few of them....but, hey that's me. : )

Saturday, 26 December 2009

Well, since we last heard from Old Man Kuff. The Officers are no longer engaged in warfare. All is peaceful once again in the Empire. Sahvi has spent much of her time doing her usual rummaging of old battle sites and walking the market. She wonders when she will be meeting with Old man Kuff, and thinks about her eldest brother...an Officer for the Empire, how proud our folks must be. What keeps coming back to haunt her Most especially is the odd phrase in the old mans letter "keep both eyes open". Her mind wanders its corridors as it always does, she moves on...
Thinking to herself...since I've got the time, I might as well brush up on my weaponry skills, maybe learn a thing or two. I am quite good ~ My Da' and brothers started my training when I turned 5 yrs. old. I should be able to find someone to spar with since the Holidays have passed and most everyone is back at their chores. Sahvi is taken out of her thoughts by a knock at her door. It's open, come in. Miss, oh Miss, I was told to give this to you, it's urgent from the Old man. Thanks, and I'll be down in a few minutes to eat, If you could have it ready for me....here are a few silvers...keep them for yourself, you've been so helpful to me. My Thanks Miss, I'll get right to it.
Sahvi opened the note, it read, oh Dear girl, I heard from your brother yesterday, another war has broken out between The Officers of the Empire and [VMC]. It's a nasty one. Don't know how long it will last. I am getting much better each day and should be able to meet with you sometime before this year is over. Take Care and stay ever vigilant. Signed, OMK.
sigh....It never ends. Well, no better time than the present to eat...laughing, Sahvi went downstairs.
I know it is not as much as you are used to...but, with the Holidays and all, I find myself a bit busy. I will try to write a bit each day. Thank*you for your understanding.

Wham, bam, scammin' you man!!

most recent additions to the scammers list...

Isabel Beatrice/Ophelia payne
Becki Wright
Bryan Jacobosky
David Liang

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Tid Bits til we meet again...

Virus Alert

Sky News has been told that Facebook users are most at risk from a variant of the Koobface virus, which has been disguised as a Festive greetings video, hosted on a YouTube site.

Security experts say the new virus is "particularly nasty" and compels its victims to participate manually in creating a new Facebook account to help spread the worm.

In previous years, variations of this virus have caused chaos across the web.

But internet security experts believe the new worm is likely to prove particularly effective in fooling users, because of the growing number of people who now opt to send out electronic greetings cards.

The attacks work by posting malicious links on Facebook wall pages, inviting users to click on the Christmas card videos. However, any attempt to play the video turns over control of the PC to the attackers.

There is no doubting that this latest Koobface attack represents a serious threat to social networkers.

Peter Lautin, Panda Security MD
The victim then sees a warning message, requiring them to solve a Captcha (Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers And Humans Apart) puzzle within three minutes.
A timer ticks down and if the puzzle goes unsolved after the allotted time, the PC freezes up.

Experts warn that rebooting the computer will not help and the only way to end the loop is to solve the Captcha puzzle.
The victim would then be able to use their PC as normal, but the attacker would still have control.

While those targeted grapple with the unfolding problem, the worm separately uses the victim's computer to fill out a new account application, unseen by them.

The new account is then used to post more Christmas video worms in a continuing cycle.

Internet security company Panda Security has been tracking the latest variant of the Koobface worm from its labs in Spain.

"There is no doubting that this latest Koobface attack represents a serious threat to social networkers," the company's UK managing director Peter Lautin told Sky News.

"If someone runs the infected file on their Facebook or MySpace page, the worm will automatically log in to their account and several other social networking sites, sending malicious messages to all their friends.

"The more people who use an application such as Facebook, or any other means of social networking, the more likely they are to be targeted by bad guys to send out malicious threats such as Koobface."

The company recommends that users do not reply to or follow links included in unsolicited Facebook messages and users should always carefully check that the URL they are entering is really that of the site they want to access.

PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL WHAT YOU OPEN. This is serious. Please pass this message on to your own families


Episode 1 - Baklany

Collection: Tattoos
Vault: +6 Defense
Re-vault: +42 Fight Defense boost
Mastery Item: Barsuk SUV (Vehicle) [36 Attack, 52 Defense]


Chapter 1:
Concealable Camera (Consumable)
Untraceable Cell Phone (Consumable)

Chapter 2:
Cherepakha Compact (Vehicle) [18 Attack, 25 Defense]
Dossier on Dmitri (Consumable)

Chapter 3:
RU-7 .45 Pistol (Weapon) [25 Attack, 23 Defense]


Chapter 1:
Concealable Camera (Consumable)
Untraceable Cell Phone (Consumable)

Chapter 2:
Molotok Pistol (Weapon) [22 Attack, 26 Defense]
Dossier on Dmitri (Consumable)

Chapter 3:
RU-7 .45 Pistol (Weapon) [25 Attack, 23 Defense]

Episode 2 - Boets

Collection: Dolls
Vault: +7 Energy
Re-vault: -20 Energy Cost boost
Mastery Item: Boss Karpov's Pistol (Weapon) [50 Attack, 38 Defense]


Chapter 1:
Ballistic Knife (Weapon) [20 Attack, 28 Defense]

Chapter 2:
Set of Photos of Karpov (Consumable)
Severnyy Olen Snowbike (Vehicle) [32 Attack, 20 Defense]

Chapter 3:
PNV (Armor) [21 Attack, 31 Defense]


Chapter 1:
Ballistic Knife (Weapon) [20 Attack, 28 Defense]

Chapter 2:
Set of Photos of Karpov (Consumable)
RAS-15 [30 Attack, 18 Defense]

Chapter 3:
PNV (Armor) [21 Attack, 31 Defense]

Episode 3 - Brigadir

Collection: Russian Leaders
Vault: +4 Attack
Re-vault: +60 Robbing Defense boost
Mastery Item: Ex-KGB Bodyguard (Armor) [48 Attack, 30 Defense]


Chapter 1:
Armored Briefcase (Armor) [25 Attack, 36 Defense]

Chapter 2:
Bank Guard Uniform (Consumable)
Taiga Combat Shotgun (Weapon) [32 Attack, 20 Defense]

Chapter 3:
Shchuka Speed Boat (Vehicle) [36 Attack, 22 Defense]


Chapter 1:
Armored Briefcase (Armor) [25 Attack, 36 Defense]

Chapter 2:
Bank Guard Uniform (Consumable)
Volk Luxury Sedan (Vehicle) [24 Attack, 36 Defense]

Chapter 3:
Shchuka Speed Boat (Vehicle) [36 Attack, 22 Defense]

Episode 4 - Avtoritet

Collection: Drinks
Vault: +4 Stamina
Re-vault: +40 Fighting Attack boost
Mastery Item: Cossack Armored Vest (Armor) [18 Attack, 48 Defense]


Chapter 1:
Ru-78 Heavy Machine Gun (Weapon) [36 Attack, 12 Defense]

Chapter 2:
Officer Corps Paycheck (Consumable)
Shturmovik (Armor) [45 Attack, 28 Defense]

Chapter 3:
Razoritel Grenade Launcher (Weapon) [34 Attack, 15 Defense]


Chapter 1:
Ru-78 Heavy Machine Gun (Weapon) [36 Attack, 12 Defense]

Chapter 2:
Officer Corps Paycheck (Consumable)
The Orel Armored Helicopter (Vehicle) [24 Attack, 40 Defense]

Chapter 3:
Razoritel Grenade Launcher (Weapon) [34 Attack, 15 Defense]

Episode 5 - Vor

Collection: Soviet Memorabilia
Vault: +10 Health
Re-vault: +46 Fight Defense boost
Mastery Item: ZPR Pulemut (Weapon) [28 Attack, 65 Defense]


Chapter 1:
Arkticheskij Gus' (Vehicle) [22 Attack, 42 Defense]

Chapter 2:
Ubijca Assault Rifle (Weapon) [43 Attack,18 Defense]
Stick of Dynamite (Consumable)

Chapter 3:
Osa 17 Snowmobile (Vehicle) [38 Attack, 24 Defense]


Chapter 1:
Arkticheskij Gus' (Vehicle) [22 Attack, 42 Defense]

Chapter 2:
Klyk-9 Machine Pistol (Weapon) [21 Attack, 43 Defense]
Stick of Dynamite (Consumable)

Chapter 3:
Osa 17 Snowmobile (vehicle) [38 Attack, 24 Defense]

Episode 6 - Pakhan

Collection: Faberge Egg
Vault: +8 Energy
Re-vault: -24 Energy Cost boost
Mastery Item: The Drakon (Vehicle) [54 Attack, 22 Defense]


Chapter 1:
Executive Overcoat [22 Attack, 45 Defense]

Chapter 2:
Konstantin Cargo Carrier (Vehicle) [18 Attack, 44 Defense]
Mansion Details (Consumable)

Chapter 3:
Zoloto Sports Car (Vehicle) [43 Attack, 22 Defense]


Chapter 1:
Executive Overcoat (Armor) [22 Attack, 45 Defense]

Chapter 2:
Zmeya Carbon Blade (Weapon) [28 Attack, 44 Defense]
Mansion Details (Consumable)

Chapter 3:
Zoloto Sports Car (Vehicle) [43 Attack, 22 Defense]

End Note: Best loot in the game now for Attack and Defense:

[Weapon]..Mafiya..E6C2 - Zmeya Carbon Blade (+9 better than Gaff Hook)
[Armor].....BOTH....E6C1 - Executive Overcoat (+9 better than ABC - Briefcase)
[Vehicle]...Vory.....E6C2 - Konstantine Cargo Carrier (+2 better than ASC)

[Weapon]..Vory...E5C2 - Ubijca Assault Rifle (+1 better than Canonazo/TNT)
[Armor].....Vory...E4C2 - Shturmovik (+11 better than Guerilla Squad)
[Vehicle]...BOTH..E6C3 - Zoloto Sports Car (+6 better than Track Loader)

How To Find Consumables for Moscow Bosses

For Each Moscow Episode, you need special consumables to take down each Boss.

No matter what Episode you are trying to complete, these consumable-giving jobs always appear in the same location in the job list.

After you pick Vory or Mafiya in Chapter 2 and master that job, two new jobs appear beneath them. The bottom one (fourth job in Chapter 2) is always the one that provides the consumable.

So, in the job list for Chapter 2 in any Episode:
First job - Vory
Second job - Mafiya
Third job
Fourth job - Consumable for the Boss in that Episode.

If a loot bag icon appears next to the money and XP gain you receive for a job, that means that the job sometimes gives SPECIFIC loot. If you move you mouse over that icon, a note appears on your screen telling you what loot you will get. This works in any city.

Collection pieces are awarded randomly, on any job, with a loot icon or not. This also works in every city.

This weeks scammers...

Nat Jones
John Owen Bautista Cabuyadao/Don Weakling
David Simpson/Cooksy
Thamas Johas [Cx] Arch Angel
Ernie Bruce
Eric Drawen/Protector

HappY*HolidaYs Everyone!!
Be Safe and Enjoy...

Friday, 18 December 2009

HappY*HappY BirthdaY GodFather!!

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Bangkok loot items

Attack Cobra, Komodo Dragon, Jade Inlaid Pistol, Forest Scorpion, Hung Fa RPG, Cleaver, Tanto, Type-103 Machine Gun, Scalding Hot Tea, TAR-21 (Rename), Harpoon Cannon, Typhoon Cleaver

Muai Thai Bodyguard, Silk Scarf, Monk's Robe, Royal Thai Army Beret, Optical Camo Suit, Ronin Armor, Tiger Sak Yant

Riding Elephant, Royal Thai Army Jeep, Dirt Bike, Lloyds Spectre, Bosozoku Convertible, MalayMobil Helang, Seua Daao Sub, Kage Jet, Armored War Elephant, Royal Thai Police Tank, Fugama Kame SUV

For the inventory items (stuff that you can buy):

Chinese Army Knife, Chinese Army Pistol, Thai Sword, Bullhook, Bo Staff, Chinese Army Assault Rifle, Raion Assault Rifle, Cheng-Wei X94 Machine Gun

Silk PJs, Wrist Wraps, Khen Shield, Royal Thai Army Helmet, Tabi, Kowloon Police Uniform, Yakuza Assasin, Shaolin Bodyguard

Tuk Tuk, Moped, Long Boat, Thai Compact, Japanese Sedan, Junk, Fugama Hasu (Lotus), PLA Armored Car
As we all have seen, Bangkok will be the next Mafia Wars expansion.

Prior to the opening of the territory and being allowed to travel to it, players have to collect three loot items from other areas of the game. Once the territory if open and ready players will have to choose which side they are going to join, the Yakuza or the Triads, both of which are organized crime syndicates in Japan. The side players choose will determine the jobs they do to progress in the game.

Loot Items Required
In order to be ready for the release of Bangkok, players must locate three loot items. Once these items are in their possession they will be given their passport to travel. The passport will not be sent to players until Bangkok opens for business. The loot items needed are:
* Triad Coin
* Yakuza Sake
* Thai Note
The jobs they can be looted from are:
* NY - Soldier
* NY - Enforcer
* NY - Hitman
Players can find the loot items by doing the jobs on these levels that are marked with a golden elephant. It may take several times doing the job to acquire the item but once it is acquired a notification displayed showing it has been added to the Bangkok list of necessary items.

Choosing Sides

Zynga offers little information on how to choose sides other than the message on the Bangkok home page statement concerning the fight for control of criminal markets of Thailand. To help choose sides, some background information on their behaviors and typical activities can be useful.

The Yakuza

The Yakuza’s origin in Japanese syndicated crime traces back to the 17th century. According to Miyuki Sundara of the Organized Crime Registry the Yakuza are an all male organized crime group. Their activities include blackmail, illegal gambling, casinos, prostitution and smuggling. These activities will be what the jobs in game play will be based upon.

The Triads

Originally the Triads started as a resistance to the Manchurian Emperor. According to the website Gangland.net their name comes from the unity of the Three Harmonies Society, the union of Heaven, Earth and Man. Criminal activities included counterfeiting money and later counterfeiting products such as watches and other pricey items, as technology advanced they added pornography and piracy.

Both the Triads and the Yakuza are powerful crime syndicates that control the underground world in Bangkok. Players in Facebook Mafia Wars can use these basic ideas on the groups to determine which side they want to join when they start Bangkok

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Astounded that the old man knew her name and family - Sahvi didn't know what to think? I guess the only thing to do is meet with Old Man Kuff. I will have to play this smart. Let him supply the information, don't give anything away. I will request to meet at the battleground ruins at dawn the day after tomorrow. Yes, the ruins always put him on edge.
Sahvi went downstairs and gave the innkeeper the message.
Will ya be eatin' this mornin' Miss? Yes, ma'am...I am famished as usual. While Sahvi waited, she thought of what she might do today? Yule is coming upon us fast, I should pick up a few trinkets for the family even if I won't see them for a while. Here ya are Miss, a good-mornin' to ya! Thank-you.
After eating and washing up, Sahvi left for the market.
Browsing the stalls, buying a few things here and there. She was headed back to the Inn, when the young miss from the kitchen came running towards her. Miss Sahvi, you have a visitor, come quick, he says it is most important.
Both of us running the rest of the way there...sahvi, burst through the door with the kitchen girl right behind...sahvi found the nearest bench and the kitchen girl went to get them something to drink. Now, that was a work*out. Whew, trying to catch her breath, sahvi had her head bent down and didn't notice the young man come from behind. Excuse me, are you Miss Sahvi? he asked. Who wants to know? Well, Miss I do. I was sent to give her a most important message from Old Man Kuff who is taking his rest some ways up north since he got caught in the newest battle. Sorry, can never be too careful...I am she. Caught in a battle you say? Is he alright? Oh, Miss he will be. Doc stitched him up real good, gave him some medicinals and put him to bed rest. But, he said I had to get this to you right away. Here ya go Miss. Sahvi took the message. My Thanks. Here are some coppers for your trouble and tell the old man I hope he gets better soon.
Would you like a meal before you leave? My treat! If it's no bother, I would like that very much. Ok, have a seat and I'll send round the kitchen girl to take care of you.
Have a safe trip back young man. Thank*you Miss.
Sahvi headed up to her room to read the message.
I have been hurt during one of the battles going on so I had to send you the news by messenger. Hopefully you got it.
Ok, Cartels current status states Garuda declared war, why? Who cares. Strange but ok. Cartel also have a ceasefire with SIN.
|ВОИН| has declared war on the Officers of The Empire, which isn't good for us, we must try to keep a low profile. |wrath| is on hand to help out |ВОИН|. [HDC] are not participating in this war. {ATU} is at peace but, looking for a mock war exercise. ¦ANUBIS¦ has recently finished a friendly war exercise with [CMF].
Garuda is also at war with REAPER and SOG. They state their enemies: Legion with out blood family NBOG. I can't make sense of it...but there ya have it...
[BLACK HAT] is at war with Red Devils and Delta 9. So as you can see, it is quite busy out here. I don't advise traveling very far from the town center. As for our meeting ~ I will inform you of when I can travel again. I am sorry it must wait. Ease your mind knowing it is nothing bad. Complicated but not bad. I ran into your eldest brother he is fighting for The Officers Empire and doing well. He sends his tidings, since no one knows when they will get home again. Surely, you know that. Enough of this babbling, until we meet again Sahvi, Take Care and keep both eyes open. Signed, OMK!